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All about Carling

Founder's story

Because I am bilingual for English and Chinese, I am very interested in teaching foreign languages. In my three years of high school, I have been the leader and founder of the program Immersion Talk under Cross Cultures at San Marino Crowell Library. Immersion Talk incorporates video and AI voice recognition technology to help american students learn Chinese and improve Chinese speaking skills. In middle school, I had some abc friends who were struggling with Chinese and Chinese school. I realized how much kids hate learning Chinese the traditional way. This inspired me to find a more interesting way to teach Chinese to American people. I did some research on the following aspects and accomplished them from 2018-2021:

1. I developed an innovative way of teaching Chinese and found the Program Immersion Talk in 2018

2. I managed Immersion Talk for three years (2018-2021) at the San Marino Crowell Library and expanded my program to Chandler School in Pasadena, University of Suzhou, University of North Iowa, and a Chinese Middle School.

3. Beginning in 2021, I started to develop an APP that allows students to learn and practice with just a phone. I took Microsoft course to strength my knowledge about AI technology and finally succeeded with my own APP (Immersion Talk).


What do we teach?