Explore a new way to Chinese
The innovative teaching method earned educational awards from two of the largest Chinese media compa
A matured program recognized by ACTFL
Videos professionally produced by high school students with experience of living in China

Immersion Talk

Learn Chinese in VR

we create an innovative way of learning Chinese by VR+AI tech.
Real background setting and actors in 360 degree VR mirror a real language environment. Machine talk with speech recognition tech helps student speak and practice interactively with the actors inside VR.
We make learning Chinese fun and interesting for beginners.


Immersion Talk at a Glance

Non-Profit Three Year program

Immersion Talk knows that our strength lies not only in the words, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Back in 2018, the founder of Immersion Talk realized that by introducing her method of teaching to her community, she will help Chinese learners establish interest in this language and have fun while learning, motivating her to start up her program in San Marino, a small community in Los Angeles, California.


Community Library

Teach grades K-12

Chandler School

Teach unprivileged students

COVID-19 online class

Long-distance learning


"Language tethers us to the world; without it we spin like atoms."

Penelope Lively


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